Food law advice

Food law advice service for the Nordic countries and the EU

We offer food law advice services in accordance with the EU food legislation and applicable national food regulations. Our service also covers pet food law. We create legitimate labelling for your food products and check the legal validity of existing food labelling. This includes, among other things, services for preparing and checking all nutritional and health claims, the list of ingredients and warnings. Our consulting services cover many countries, such as the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. For Finland we provide the labelling in Finnish and Swedish which are the official languages of Finland. We offer food advice services also for several EU countries, such as France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Greek, and Great Britain (will be a non-EU country soon).


Food law advice services can include, for example, the preparation and approval of the following:

• Application of specific food law requirements to food products (authorised additives with associated amounts, ingredients, organic food, etc.)
• Nutritional and health claims
• Calculation of nutritional values
• Nutritional content labelling
• Accurate legal names and name protection of the food products
• Correctness of ingredient lists
• Warning texts
• Correct indication of “best before” date, “use by” date and freezing date
• Ensure legal accuracy of label marketing texts

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Finomi's clients include companies, associations, organizations, private individuals and also various public-sector bodies.